About us

My love of photography comes from many years ago when the cameras had to inroducirle a reel. Then it was necessary to think very well when pull the trigger because this meant a significant outlay.

With the advent of digital cameras and post-processed by computer it opens a world without limits and imagination still flies higher.

My favorite technique is the HDR. The HDR photography gives added strength, difficult to beat in one shot.

Also high speed photography is something that I love. It is a means by which we can see what the naked eye is impossible, or at least, we go unnoticed.


My favorite photographers:

Henry Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Andrzej Dragan, Annie Leibovitz. Ansel Adams. Edward Weston, Brassaï, Helmut Newton, Chema Madoz





"One becomes a photographer when has overcome concerns of learning, and in our hands the camera becomes extension of oneself."

Carl Mydans